Sunday, December 7, 2008

A little mention in a local blog"

"I had a wonderful day today but I'm rushed to tell you all about it and still be able to get back intime for all the parties tonight.I began at Zones on 25th St. (#60), had a wonderful conversation with Charo Oquet, and complimented her on her new work, which is well worth seeing.Then I crossed the street to Aqua Art-Wynwood (by the way, there is a free shuttle operating between Aqua Art-Wynwood and the Aqua Hotel in Miami Beach-and from there you can catch a shuttle to the Convention Center for the fantastic Art Basel).Shuttle runs every 20 mins.from 10:45 am till 7:15 pm. To the Hotel on 16th & Collins.Inside my eyes were drawn to the Beyond the Border Gallery and director Ann Berchtold and afascinating set of eye charts by Marcos Ramirez. As an immigration lawyer I felt an immediatekinship with the gallery name, and soon discovered that the exhibiting artists were all from Tijuana, Mexico - just beyond the border of the U.S. [Aqua #12]"

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