Saturday, December 6, 2008

Forgot which day ??

The days have all blurred together! Work all day and then party til one and then wake up and do it again. RE: our booth - steady flow of people. Much interest - possibly a sale of Julio's chairs, and a possible sale of ERRE's -Multiplication of Bread Series. Interestingly enough both collectors are from California.
So many people interested in all of the work and we have had wonderful conversations and are slowly filling up an inquiry book of people interested in the artwork. Many gallerists say many art sales happen after the event.

Interview by

MIAMI/MIAMI BEACH—In the four years since Aqua first came ashore at a boutique hotel on South Beach, the fair has become known for its relaxed vibe, friendly dealers, and fresh, affordable artwork. And the Wynwood warehouse that Aqua added last year as a second venue, doubling its exhibition space, retains that breezy accessibility even without the windows opening into the courtyard at the Collins Avenue hotel of the same name.
San Diego collector Julie Schrager, a newcomer to Art Basel Miami Beach making the rounds of the satellite fairs on Thursday, remarked at the “different feel” of Aqua Wynwood after a spin through Pulse. “That just seemed so raw, and this seems a little more refined,” she said, admiring the high ceilings, permanent walls (enabled by a long-term lease on the facility), and mix of exhibitors.
Schrager is touring with a group of collectors organized by Ann Berchtold, director of the Beyond the Border Gallery in Del Mar, California. “He’s next on my list,” said Schrager as she sized up two of the enlarged postcards in the gallery's booth ($2,000 apiece for the four remaining from the series of 26) that Tijuana native Marcos Ramirez, who goes by Erre, based on postcards he asked tourists to write to loved ones back home.
Berchtold reported selling another work by Ramirez — a pair of eye charts featuring photographs of an Afghani boy and American girl and entitled The Multiplication of Bread ($4,000 each, with five sets from the edition of 9 remaining) over the phone to a California collector who saw them online. A young Miami collector couple was considering Taino Tours Itinerary ($6,000), a large site-specific drawing by University of California, San Diego student Iana Quesnell.
Although the warehouse was quiet and the crowds sparse as the sun began to set on Thursday, the fair’s first full day, Berchtold and New York dealer Sara Tecchia said that they were pleased to have made dozens of new contacts from all around the U.S., as well as a few from Europe. Tecchia, an Aqua veteran, noted that the mood was “more mellow this year,” but said she found collectors still willing to part with modest sums to support emerging artists.

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